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Personal Stuff

Born and raised in south Louisiana, I returned to Baton Rouge (GEAUX TIGERS!) after living briefly in Maryland.  My family consists of my dear husband, three great kids, and two cool canines. I didn’t include writing in my childhood aspirations but I do remember a vivid imagination, including many happy hours playing with my  pretend horse, Lightning – he was a blue hoppity hop. I used to create houses made from twigs set into the deep folds at the base of my backyard oak tree. Inside these homes lived a great society of invisible miniature folk. These fairies and I whiled away many spring afternoons battling the forces of evil and making acorn soup.  I guess I’m not really surprised that some of these experiences have made their way into the written word.

Work Stuff
Jobs I’ve had: babysitter, grass-cutter, lifeguard, termite counter, physics teacher, chemistry teacher, reading teacher, librarian, and Mom. (the most important!)

I began writing (relatively) seriously a few years ago and divide my writing time between freelance writing for magazines and educational publishers and working on my novels and picture books.  I tend to read fantasy more than any other genre and my first novel seems to fit quite nicely into the “this isn’t the real world” category. I can’t say that I have a great writing plan, other than I like to follow the stories that pop into my head as ideas.

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