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My Review Policy

I am happy to consider for review any works written for children. As I generally like to stay positive in my posts (the world is full of enough negativity) if I really don’t care for a particular story, I will not review it. Therefore, acceptance of an ARC or copy of your book is not a guarantee that it will be reviewed, but I do promise to read it.

I pass on all review copies, either by way of internet giveaway or to a local library or classroom, so please know that your book will continue to  have a life, whether I actually review it or not.

What I enjoy the most:  As a former elementary librarian, I have very eclectic tastes. I most love things that are funny, fantasy, stories that make me believe in the good in the world, folklore, and great artwork. I have a tendency to stay in the elementary,  midgrade,  and junior high range for intended audiences.

What I don’t like: Overly gross humor, erotica, and excessive violence.

My reviews include a very basic synopsis (I don’t like to reveal too much in a review), my opinion of the book, and the following tidbits as I see them: Genres, Things to like about this book, Audience, and Reviewed from.

If you or your publisher wants to send me a review copy, please email me for my mailing address. My email is donnaDOTstDOTcyrATgmailDOTcom.

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