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School and Library Visits

I LOVE to visit schools and libraries. As a former teacher and librarian I find visiting with students most rewarding. Here are a few of my presentations:

For Students:

  • From Idea to Book: Takes students through the writing and publishing process, including story elements. 30minutes. Elementary to High School. Up to 250 students.
  • Be an Author: From brainstorming to revisions, students will create a story and mock up a picture book dummy. 90 minutes. Elementary/Middle.  Up to 25 students.
  • Storytelling 101: Interactive storytelling with audience participation. 30 minutes. Preschool/Elementary. Up to 40 students.
  • Research and Writing: Using a pathfinder, students learn to brainstorm through a selected topic and design a research project. 90 minutes. Middle School. Up to 30 students.

For Faculty:

  • Literature in the Curriculum: Collaborative planning and integration of literature across subject areas —presentation with examples of thematic unit ideas and activities. 45 minutes
  • Research, Writing and the Internet: Focuses on how to create a successful writing project that avoids the pitfalls of plagiarism, undocumented sources, and dysfunctional writing. 45 minutes

I am always willing to customize or develop something for your group.  Please email me at donnaDOTstDOTcyrATgmailDOTcom to discuss rates and details. I am also happy to skype with schools for short visits.

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